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Section 32(2)(a) Reports

The objectives, policies and methods of the Proposed Regional Policy Statement have been further evaluated in accordance with the requirements of section 32(2)(a) of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Under section 32(2(a) of the Resource Management Act 1991 a further evaluation is required to:

  • examine the extent to which each objective chosen is the most appropriate way to achieve the purpose of the RMA;
  • examine the appropriateness of the policies and methods in achieving the objectives, having regard to their efficiency and effectiveness; while
  • take into account the benefits, costs, and risk of acting or not acting if there is uncertain or insufficient information about the issue.

This evaluation forms the subsequent section 32(2)(a) reports for each topic area which is required to be made publicly available at the time decisions on submissions to the Proposed RPS are publicly notified.

Separate section 32(2)(a) reports have been prepared for each topic area (chapters) as follows: