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Section 36 Charges Policy

Proposed changes to Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy for 2015/16

Consultation has now ended on Proposed changes to the Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy 2015/2016, alongside the Consultation Document for the proposed Long Term Plan 2015-2025.

The key changes proposed to the Council Charges Policy are:

  • A 1.9 percent inflation increase for most charges (no change to resource consent application fees).
  • A modified approach to compliance monitoring and charging, which means some complex or high risk sites will be monitored more often, while other lower risk sites will be monitored less frequently.
  • A proposed new $200 charge for late submission of information required by consent or RMA Regulations.
  • Details of these changes, with worked examples, are provided in the draft Council Charges Policy.

Find out more about the hearings on the Long Term Plan page. 

Proposed Changes

Find out more about changes for 2015/16

Existing policy for 2014/15

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is responsible for a range of resources which include monitoring, processing and administration. This includes processing resource consents, monitoring of consented activities, resource investigation and monitoring and management.

The framework for setting charges to do this work sits under Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Each year we review our Section 36 Charges Policy that sets out what costs we intend to recover from carrying out our regulatory functions.

The following policy is operative until June 30, 2015. 




Section 36 Charges   Policy 2014