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Section 36 Charges Policy

Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy 2016/17 

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is responsible for controlling the use of a wide range of resources, which requires us to process resource consents, monitor and manage consented and other authorised activities and investigate the state of the region’s resources. 

The framework for setting charges to do this work sits under Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).  

Click here for the current Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy 2016/17 adopted by council on 1 July 2016.  

Proposed changes to Council Charges Policy 2017/18

Each year we develop a charging policy that sets out what costs we intend to recover from carrying out our regulatory functions such as: 

  • Receiving, processing and granting of resource consents (including certificates of compliance);
  • Administration, monitoring and supervision of resource consents (including certificates of compliance) and resource management functions under Section 35 of the RMA (environmental monitoring);
  • Reviewing resource consent conditions under Section 128(1)(a) and (c) of the RMA and reviews carried out at the request of the consent holder;
  • Providing information in respect of plans and resource consents;
  • Supplying documents;
  • Charges authorised by regulations; and
  • Extra charges where a fixed charge is not enough to recover our costs, for example, where the cost of processing a consent application is greater than the deposit fee paid by the applicant.

Council’s cost of inflation has been set at 2.0% for the 2017/18 financial year.

Proposed Resource Management Act Charges 

RMA charges are reviewed annually. The key changes proposed are:

  • Increasing the $500 fixed charge component of the general application fee for resource consents by $50 to  $633 (GST inclusive) to reflect the increased administration required in the Council’s new database system; 
  • Replacing the fixed fee for processing short term consents for On-Site Effluent Treatment systems with the general application fee and recovery of actual and reasonable costs for consent applications; 
  • Maintaining the fixed fee for transfer of consent applications that are complete, but introduce recovery of actual and reasonable costs for incomplete transfer applications; 
  • Simplifying the categories for staff charge-out rates in Schedule A, as described in Table 1 (below); 
  • Increasing the base charge by $10 (plus 2% inflation) for all consent activities; 
  • Removing the ‘credit factor’ allowance applied  to  the  fixed  supervision/compliance  charge  for  self- monitoring; 
  • Amending Schedule 11B (Coastal management) to provide a charging structure that better reflects the extent of aquaculture in the region; 
  • Increasing Schedules A (staff charge-out rates), 1A (annual fixed fee) and 1B-12B (regional impact/monitoring) charges by inflation of 2% and rounded to the nearest $5.

Building Act Charges

Building Act charges have been increased by inflation of 2% and rounded to the nearest $5.

Further Information

To view a copy of the full Proposed Council Charges Policy 2017/18 click here.