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Change No 3

Change No. 3 (Additions to Omokoroa Stage 1 Growth Area) (249 KB, pdf) became operative on 23 March 2010.  View the Public Notice (484 KB, jpg) advising of Change No. 3 becoming operative.

Change No. 3 proposes to amend the staging of urban development for some areas of land within the urban limits for Omokoroa.  The change only affects Figure 1 and Map 15 of Change No. 2, which shows the affected land within Omokoroa Stage 2.

Change No. 3 has been promoted in conjunction with Proposed Plan Change 69 by the Western Bay of Plenty District Council for the urbanisation of the Omokoroa Peninsula.

Details of Plan Change 69 with supporting documents can be viewed at the offices of the Western Bay of Plenty District Council or from their website at