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Ten Year Plan

This page describes Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Ten Year Plan and contains links to the document. It also includes policies that sit within the Plan. It describes how Annual Plans fit within the 10 year cycle and provides a link to our Annual Plan page.  

The Council is currently developing its new Long Term Plan 2015-2025. Refer to that webpage for information on this process and how you can be involved.

The Ten Year Plan 2012 - 2022

Council adopted the Ten Year Plan 2012 - 2022 and supporting policies on 28 June 2012.

You can download the adopted Ten Year Plan and supporting policies on this website. Hardcopies of the Ten Year Plan and supporting policies are available upon request. You can request a hard copy by calling 0800 884 880

Ten Year Plan 2012 - 2022

Chapter Size Type
Cover; Table of Contents 9.53MB pdf
Introduction 6.37MB pdf
Council Outcomes; Fostering Maori Capacity 621KB pdf
Financial Strategy 3.19MB pdf
Council's Contribution to Well-being 743KB pdf
Regional Leadership Group of Activities 400KB pdf
Natural Environment Group of Activities 561KB pdf
Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Group of Activities 325KB pdf
Flood Protection and Control Works Group of Activities 7.18MB pdf
Corporate Services Group of Activities 201KB pdf
Policies and Financial Information (see amended policies below) 1.42MB pdf

Supporting Policies

Council also adopted the following policies on 28 June 2012. These policies were developed alongside the Ten Year Plan and were adopted following a public consultation process with the Ten Year Plan 2012-2022.

Chapter Size Type
Policy on the Remission and Postponement of Rates 2012 (as adopted by Council 26 June 2014) 150KB pdf
Policy on Development Contributions and Financial Contributions (as adopted by Council 26 June 2014) 116KB pdf
Policy on Revenue and Financing (as adopted by Council 26 June 2014)    

As part of the Ten Year Plan process, Council prepared the following policies which were built alongside Council's Financial Strategy (see the Financial Strategy link above). These policies were also adopted by Council on 28 June 2012.

Chapter Size Type
Investment Policy 124KB pdf
Liability Management Policy 142KB pdf

Asset Management Plans

Council adopted its asset management plans on 28 June 2012. These plans set out how Council manages its Regional Parks and Rivers and Drainage assets at an operational level. More information about these plans may be found on the following page:

Annual Plans

Annual Plans are prepared in the years between each Ten Year Plan. These plans set out what we propose to do that year, how much it will cost and how we will fund it.

Once the Ten Year Plan is in place, the Annual Plan process continues, but the focus is on year-to-year budgets. The annual plans produced in the intervening years support the Ten Year Plan, and their primary purpose is to provide the base for setting and assessing rates.