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Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management - Proposed Plan Change 10 Hearing

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Section 42A report – Recommended Responses to Submissions

The Independent Hearing Panel have directed Council to publically release a Section 42A report on 20 January 2017 together with any evidence that Council wishes to present in support of the Plan Change. In response to these directions, below Section 42A report and supporting evidence have been made available.

Staff Recommendations

The below report contains Council Staff responses to the submissions and further submissions received on Plan Change 10. The Section 42A report provides the responses to key issues raised by submissions, whilst Appendix 3 lists all submission points and the recommended responses. To find your submission within Appendix 3, use the find function (Ctrl+F) and search for either your name or your submission number .

Council Evidence

The evidence below provides an insight into how Plan Change 10 was developed, and also informs the responses to each submission received as outlined within Council’s Section 42A report.

Economic & Social

Lake Water Quality - Science

Proposed Plan Change 10 – Background

Hearing Process

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has appointed an independent hearing panel to decide on rules to manage nutrients coming from land use and ensure the long term sustainability of Lake Rotorua’s water quality (Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management - Proposed Plan Change 10:).

Hearing Commissioners

Retired Judge Gordon Whiting (Chair)
Mr Rauru Kirikiri
Dr Brent Cowie (Deputy Chair)
Ms Gina Sweetman

Hearing Dates

Monday, 13 March – Friday, 17 March 2017
Monday, 20 March – Friday, 24 March 2017
Monday, 3 April - Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hearing Venue

Millennium Hotel, 1270 Hinemaru Street, Rotorua

Memoranda from Hearing Panel

Memorandum No 1 sets out the directions for the public hearing of submissions and provides important timelines for the hearing and the circulation of information.

Memorandum No 2 is the acknowledgement of a formal application made to the Hearing Panel from the Lake Rotorua Primary Producers Collective to defer the hearings (currently planned for March 2017).

The Panel have accepted this as a formal application and are undertaking a public process to determine what date the Collective would like to defer the hearings to.

  • A response was requested from the Collective by 26 October 2016;
  • Responses from other parties was requested by 4 November 2016;

Following which the Panel will consider the information provided, enabling confirmation of the dates of the public hearings to be notified.

Memorandum 4 provides further direction for the public hearing of submissions and reiterates important timelines for the circulation of information.

Responses from Other Parties

Please see below, all responses that were lodged pursuant to Memorandum No 2 of the Hearing Commissioners, to the application for a deferral made by the Lake Rotorua Primary Producers’ Collective

Responses from Hearing Commissioners

Please see below, decision from Hearing Commissioners to the application for a deferral made by the Lake Rotorua Primary Producers’ Collective:

Information Pack for Submitters

There is a lot of information to take in if you are a submitter. Below is a set of info sheets you might find useful to understand this process, key dates and what (if anything) you need to do.

Important info

What to do if you want: