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Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management - Proposed Plan Change 10

Proposed Plan Change 10  introduces rules to limit the amount of nitrogen entering Lake Rotorua from land use, in order to improve water quality.

The proposed rules set out how Nitrogen Discharge Allowances will be allocated to individual rural properties and have been developed in consultation with members of the Rotorua community. The rules were notified on 29 February, 2016. The notified version of Plan change 10 and supporting technical documents can be found here.

The proposed plan change is part of an integrated programme aimed at improving the quality of the water in Lake Rotorua, which is led by the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme.

Current status

Plan Change 10 process timeline graphic

Hearing process

The hearing of submissions closed on 4 May, 2017 and the independent hearing panel is now considering the submitted information before making a recommendation to Bay of Plenty Regional Council by the end of June.

Further information on the hearing process and information filed during the hearing is available here

Resource consents

Regional Council is aware there are some over 40 hectare farming enterprises who are ready to progress to the next stage – applying for a resource consent. Click here to learn more about the free resource consent process.


The Proposed Plan Change 10 rules were notified on 29 February, 2016 and public submissions were open for 40 working days.

At total of 92 submissions and 20 further submissions were received on Plan Change 10. A copy of these submissions and a summary can be found here.

Regional Council has assessed each of these submissions and provided recommended decisions to the independent hearing panel to consider along with supporting evidence. Submitters than had the opportunity to review Regional Council's recommendations and evidence, and file additional information in support of their submission.

In response to this additional information, Regional Council was given the ability to file rebuttal evidence. The section 42A report and evidence filed by Council and submitters can be found here.

More information

For more information, check out the following pages: 

Key Contact

For more information on Proposed Plan Change 10 please contact Rebecca Burton, Senior Planner (Water Policy) at