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Proposed Regional Coastal Environment Plan V7.1 - Maps

NOTE: These maps may have changed following Council's decisions on submissions. To view the new set of maps released with Council's decisions on 1 September 2015, please click here.

Use the index below to find the relevant map then select the map from the table below.

Maps 1 - 11 Maps 12 - 22 Maps 23 - 33 Maps 34 - 44 Maps 45 - 52

Maps 1a 1b 1c

Waihi Beach
(1.48MB, pdf)

Maps 12a 12b 12c

(1.49MB, pdf)

Maps 23a 23b 23c

Whakatane Airport
(1.37MB, pdf)

Maps 34a 34b 34c

Wharakura-Kereu- Waikawa
(146MB, pdf)

Maps 45a Whakaari (White Is) 

45b Whakaari & Calypso Vent

 45c Whakaari (White Is 

(1.77MB, pdf)      

Maps 2a 2b 2c

Bowentown Heads
(1.59MB, pdf)

Maps 13a 13b 13c

Waimapu Estuary/ Welcome Bay
(2.01MB, pdf)

Maps 24a 24b 24c

(1.66MB, pdf)

Maps 35a 35b 35c

Whanarua Bay-Papatea Bay
(1.52MB, pdf)

Map 46

Harbour Development Zone - Tauranga (706KB, pdf)    

Maps 3a 3b 3c

Matakana Is Nth
Kauri Pt
(1.72MB, pdf)

Maps 14a 14b 14c

Rangataua Bay-Papamoa Bch
(1.45MB, pdf)

Maps 25a 25b 25c

Ohope-Ohiwa Harbour- Ohiwa
(1.64MB, pdf)

Maps 36a 36b 36c

Raukokore-Waihau Bay (1.49MB, pdf)

Map 47

Harbour Development Zone - Whakatāne (667KB, pdf)

Maps 4a 4b 4c

Matakana Is East
(1.72MB, pdf)

Maps 15a 15b 15c

Papamoa Beach
(1.44MB, pdf)

Maps 26a 26b 26c

Ohiwa Harbour-Kutarere
(1.57MB, pdf)

Maps 37a 37b 37c

Orete Point-Whangaparaoa Bay
(1.45MB, pdf)

Map 48

Harbour Development Zone – Ōpōtiki
(645KB, pdf)

Maps 5a 5b 5c

(1.68MB, pdf)

Maps 16a 16b 16c

(1.70MB, pdf)

Maps 27a 27b 27c

(1.49MB, pdf)

Maps 38a 38b 38c

Whangaparaoa-Cape Runaway
(1.51MB, pdf)

Map 49

Harbour Development Zone – Bowentown (489KB, pdf)

Maps 6a 6b 6c 

Matakana Is
Gum Bay
(1.54MB, pdf)

Maps 17a 17b 17c

(1.48MB, pdf)

Maps 28a 28b 28c

(1.48MB, pdf)

Maps 39a 39b 39c

Tahurua Point-Potikirua Point
(1.48MB, pdf)

Map 50

Harbour Development Zone – Tanners Point
(503KB, pdf)

Maps 7a 7b 7c

(1.67MB, pdf)

Maps 18a 18b 18c

(1.54MB, pdf)

Maps 29a 29b 29c

(1.45MB, pdf)

Maps 40a &41a

Tuhua-Mayor Is

40b 40c

Tuhua-Mayor Island Nth
(1.67MB, pdf)

Map 51

Harbour Development Zone - Omokoroa (477KB, pdf)

Maps 8a 8b 8c 

Omokoroa Beach
Matakana Is
(1.65MB, pdf)

Maps 19a 19b 19c

(1.56MB, pdf)

Maps 30a 30b 30c

(1.54MB, pdf)

Maps 41b 41c

Tuhua-Mayor Is Sth (1.75MB, pdf)

Map 52

Harbour Development Zone – Opureora (508KB, pdf)

Maps 9a 9b 9c

Mt Maunganui
Matakana Is Sth
(1.49MB, pdf)

Maps 20a&21a 20b 20c

Rurima Island & Moutohora Is. 21
(1.77MB, pdf)

Maps 31a 31b 31c

(1.58MB, pdf)

Maps 42a 42b 42c

Karewa Is
(1.28MB, pdf)


Maps 10a 10b 10c

Te Puna
(1.78MB, pdf)

Maps 21b 21c

Moutohora-Whale Is (1.79MB, pdf)

Maps 32a 32b 32c

(1.52MB, pdf)

Maps 43a 43b 43c

Motiti Is
(1.59MB, pdf)



Maps 11a 11b 11c

Mt Maunganui
(1.86MB, pdf)

Maps 22a 22b 22c

Rangitaiki River-Thornton
(1.58MB, pdf)

Maps 33a 33b 33c

Te Kaha
(1.49MB, pdf)

Maps 44a 44b 44c

Motunau Is
(1.51MB, pdf)