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Long Term Plan 2015 - 2025

The Long Term Plan for 2015-2025 was adopted on 25 June 2015 and sets out key challenges for the Bay and how we'll tackle them. 

Annual Plan

Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Annual Plan is a document which the Council adopts each year. This Plan sets out Council's activities for the financial year, including the budget and sources of funding for the year.

Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan provides a framework for civil defence and emergency management decisions to be made across the Bay of Plenty.

Coast Care Ten Year Plan

The Coast Care Ten Year Plan sets out goals, and actions needed to achieve them from 2009 to 2019.

On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan

The On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan addresses issues relating to the effects of effluent discharge from on-site effluent treatment systems (such as septic tanks and advanced aerobic systems) into the environment.

Regional Plans - their status

Find out about the status of the regional plans.

Regional Plans - What plan changes are we working on at the moment?

Find out about what proposed plan and policy changes BOPRC are working on at the moment.

Regional Plans - Guides to...

Guides to Regional Plans will help you interpret our regional plans and work out what activities are covered by the requirements of the plans.

Regional Air Plan

The Regional Air Plan provides for the control of discharges of contaminants into air for the whole of the Bay of Plenty region, including the coastal marine area.

Second Generation Regional Air Plan

A draft New Regional Air Plan ws released for comment on 26 April 2016.

The draft New Plan has been developed with updated provisions that address the air quality issues of today and into the future, rather than historical issues. The draft New Plan includes rules that reflect what we know and what needs to happen to fix the various issues. The draft provisions are at an early stage of development and we need feedback from the community to ensure they are appropriate and will achieve the desired outcomes.

Regional Coastal Environment Plan

The Regional Coastal Environment Plan enables Bay of Plenty Regional Council to promote sustainable management of the natural and physical resources of the Bay of Plenty coastal environment.

Proposed Regional Coastal Environment Plan

A proposed new Regional Coastal Environment Plan (Proposed Plan) was publicly notified on 24 June 2014 with 143 submissions and 51 further submissions received. Council released its decisions on submissions on 1 September 2015 and received 16 appeals which are currently being dealt with by the Environment Court.

The Proposed Plan outlines issues, objectives and policies for the coastal environment, including rules governing activities in the coastal marine area. It also identifies regionally significant surf breaks and historic heritage sites in the coastal marine area, revises Māori cultural values and introduces new policies about tsunami.

To find out more about the Proposed Plan visit the Proposed Regional Coastal Environment Plan webpage.

Regional Land Transport Plan

The Regional Land Transport Plan has been prepared by the Bay of Plenty Regional Transport Committee and sets the direction that our transport system will take over the next 30 years. It sets out the priorities and activities the region will work towards.

Regional Passenger Transport Plan

The Regional Passenger Transport Plan (RPTP), which forms part of the Regional Land Transport Strategy Sets out policies and proposals to address public passenger transport needs in the Bay of Plenty, and specifies the public passenger transport services that Bay of Plenty Regional Council proposes be provided in the region.

Regional Pest Management Plan

The Regional Pest Management Plan provides for the efficient and effective assessment, management and/or eradication of pest plants and pest animals in the Bay of Plenty region.

Regional River Gravel Management Plan

The Regional River Gravel Management Plan manages the effects of river gravel excavation excluding extraction in the coastal marine area.

Regional Water and Land Plan

The Regional Water and Land Plan has policies and methods (which include rules) to address issues of use, development and protection of land resources, geothermal resources and freshwater resources, including the beds and margins of water bodies.

Council Asset Management Plans

Asset management planning allows Bay of Plenty Regional Council to manage our physical assets, their performance and maintenance expenditures, and the associated risk over their lifecycles.

Rotorua Geothermal Regional Plan

The Rotorua Geothermal Regional Plan promotes the integrated and sustainable management of the Rotorua geothermal resource.

Tarawera River Catchment Plan

The Tarawera River Catchment Plan covers the catchment of the Tarawera River including all its sub-catchments, and Upper Tarawera Lakes and their catchments, but excludes Lake Rerewhakaaitu and its catchment.

Other Rotorua Lakes Action Plans

Read other Rotorua Lakes Action Plans on the Rotorua Lakes website.

Oil Spill Response Plan Tier II

Find out how we manage oil spills in our region.