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Beca - Intervention Packages for Lake Rotorua, 2011

Intervention Packages for Lake Rotorua, 2011

The report "Intervention Packages for Lake Rotorua" has been prepared by Beca, in association with NIWA, AgResearch, GNS Science, Nimmo-Bell Ltd and Market Economics.

Regional Council engaged the consultants to provide and analyse a suite of policy options that could reduce nutrients in the Rotorua catchment through changes in rural land use. Specifically, the Regional Council wanted information on what the social, economic and environmental impacts might be from changing land use and land management practises.

It is important to note that the report does not represent the Bay of Plenty Regional Council's views or preferences. Any opinions and recommendations contained in the report are the consultants' own.

The report is not a decision-making report for the Regional Council. It is just one piece of information that the Regional Council is currently considering on land use and land management change. There is a variety of other scientific, policy and operational information that is also being considered.

Description Size Type
Intervention Packages for Lake Rotorua Summary Report 211KB pdf
Appendix A Intervention Packages for Lake Rotorua
Development Report
366KB pdf
Appendix B NIWA Report 
Prediction of nitrogen loads to Lake Rotorua using the ROTAN model
8.61MB pdf
Appendix C GNS Science Report
Groundwater travel time in the Lake Rotorua catchment
812KB pdf
Appendix D Nimmo Bell Report
Land use change economics
611KB pdf
Appendix E Market Economics Report
Evaluation of regional and national economic impacts
3.55KB pdf