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Pest Plant fact sheets

These fact sheets are available to download. For more information about any of these topics, please contact us on the details below.

No. Description Size Type
1 Woolly Nightshade 177KB pdf
2 Wild Ginger 121KB pdf
3 Old Man's Beard 100KB, pdf
4 Blackberry 96KB pdf
5 Gorse 84KB pdf
6 Ragwort 92KB pdf
7 African Feather Grass 90KB pdf
8 Boneseed 107KB pdf
9 Variegated Thistle 127KB pdf
10 Privet 76KB pdf
11 Nodding Thistle 96KB pdf
12 Yellow Flag 113KB pdf
13 Aquatic Pest Plants 555KB pdf
14 Mistflower 258KB pdf
15 Ground Cover 177KB pdf
16 Lantana 198KB pdf
17 Climbing Plants 196KB pdf
18 Minimising the Spread of Wild Kiwifruit 1247KB pdf
19 Poisonous Plants 244KB pdf
20 Pampas 97KB pdf
21 Wilding Pines 107KB pdf
22 Asiatic Knotweed 108KB pdf

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