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Pest Animal fact sheets

These fact sheets are available to download. For more information about any of these topics, please contact us on the details below.

No. Description Size Type
1 Use of Fumigants to Control Rabbits 108KB pdf
2 Rabbit Control in Urban Areas 116KB pdf
3 Wasps 127KB pdf
4 Effective Nightshooting to Control Rabbits 126KB pdf
5 Use of Poisons to Control Rabbits 95KB pdf
6 Urban Possum Control 88KB pdf
7 Control of Hares 183KB pdf
8 Pest Fish 60KB pdf
9 Cyanide Poison for Possum Control - Use for Licensed Operators 43KB pdf
10 Use of Traps for Possum Control 131KB pdf
11 Mustelid Control 97KB pdf
12 Rats 77KB pdf
13 Feral Goats 84KB pdf
14 Magpies 82KB pdf
15 Alphachloralose for Bird Control 82KB pdf
16 Dama Wallaby 82KB pdf
17 Rooks 73KB pdf
18 Feral Cats 77KB pdf
19 Argentine Ants 57KB pdf
 36 Rabbit Control Using Baitmats 282KB pdf 

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