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Registration of personal water craft

The current Bylaw defines a Personal Water Craft as a power driven vessel that has a fully enclosed hull and does not take on water if capsized and is designed to be operated by a person standing, sitting astride or kneeling on it, but not seated within it. In most cases, a Personal Water Craft (PWC) is known and is identified as a jet ski.  PWC’s are over represented in complaints about nuisance.

Personal Water Craft are highly mobile and are utilised across different regions.  PWC’s are required to be registered in neighbouring regions, including Waikato, Auckland and Northland.

It is proposed to require all PWC’s that are used in the Bay of Plenty to be registered with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council or another Council.  This registration is a one off, and once the PWC is registered in one region, it is able to be used in all regions.

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