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Limited speed uplifting for jet boat operator on Lake Rotorua

Kawarau Jets operate a commercial jet boating operation on Lake Rotorua.  They base their operation, and their boats arrive and depart from the Lake Rotorua waterfront area.  The company also launches and retrieves their boats from the nearby ramp that is located outside the Rotorua Lakes Water Sports Trust Centre (Housing Rotorua Coastguard).

There are a number of tourist operations that utilise this area, including the Lakeland Queen, Parasailing and a float plane operation.  In addition, the Rotorua Yacht Club operates out of the adjacent beach area, along with the Young Mariners.

Kawarau Jets have had a temporary speed uplifting that provides for them to operate in excess of 5 knots to within 100m of shore or of any structure within the designated area. The speed uplifting applies to the area within the marked channel adjacent to Kawarau Jets operational base only.  

This temporary speed uplift expired on March 31st 2016.  Kawarau Jets have requested that this speed uplifting be made permanent under the Bylaw.

The inclusion of the proposed speed uplift within the Draft Bylaw for notification satisfies Part 91.20 (a) to (c) of the NZ Maritime Rules and avoids the need for a separate public notification process under the Local Government Special Consultative Procedures as part of a separate application.  This is consistent with Section 83A of the Local Government Act 2002. 

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