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Moorings transfer form

Transfer of mooring lisence

Pursuant to Clause 3.12 of the Bay of Plenty Regional Safety Navigation Bylaw 2010 and Section 135 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

By completing this form you declare that you are the sole registered owner(s) of the mentioned mooring and wish to apply to transfer the mooring to the transferee mentioned below.


  • If the transferee has a vessel which is larger than the vessel that previously occupied the mooring, then prior approval from the Harbourmaster is required.
  • The mooring will not be transferred unless there is an up to date mooring certificate for the mooring, or the transferee indicates in writing that arrangements have been made for the mooring to be lifted and inspected by a Regional Council approved mooring contractor.
  • The transferee must satisfy themselves as to the adequacy of the mooring when considering the size of the vessel intended to be moored.
  • The transferee must give consideration to the position of the mooring relative to other moorings in close proximity and the possibiliy that larger or different vessels than those that originally occupied the mooring, may endanger or damage other moored vessels.

If any uncertainty exists with regard to the above, advise may be obtained from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and an approved mooring contractor.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council, in processing this TRANSFER OF MOORING LISENCE accepts no liability for the inadequacy of any part of the mooring to secuely moor a particular vessel (see Bay of Plenty Regional Navigation Safety Bylaw, clause 3.12).

A letter acknowledging transfer of the mooring lisence will be sent to both the mooring holder and transferee.