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Mooring Specifications Review

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is responsible for navigational safety in the region, which includes the administration of swing moorings. Regional Council works with licenced mooring contractors who inspect and maintain the moorings.

On 21 July 2015 a meeting was held for those who wished to discuss the review of the current mooring specifications.

These were developed nationally from a Harbour Master forum discussion to attain an agreed minimum standard for mooring design. The regional specifications were then made relevant to our harbour, river and estuarine requirements.

Over the years, particularly after an incident involving a boat coming free of a mooring, further modifications have been sought to minimise these risks. The result this year has been to collaborate with Waikato Regional Council and engage a consultant, OCEL, to set some mooring standards based on similar national models and provide an independent reasoning behind the findings.

The first draft was borne from our requirements; the second provided clarity and specific topics of interest to be elaborated on and the third was the feedback supplied by interested parties included mooring holders, mooring inspectors and componentry suppliers.

A sub-group will convene in September to discuss the compiled feedback, to create a final draft of the BOP Regional Council Mooring Specifications.  This report will then be made available to all mooring holders.

Our mission is to provide a thorough and sound collaborative set of specifications to which the approved moorings inspectors will follow to ensure the safety of all approved vessels moored in the Bay of Plenty.

Specifications as at August 2015. 
Specifications as at July 2016.