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Water Quantity Plan Change

Region-wide Water Quantity 

Proposed Plan Change 9 to the Regional Water and Land Plan

Notified 18 October 2016

Plan Change 9 is a step forward in regional water management.

More information about the Plan Change, the Section 32 Report and other supporting documentation can be viewed on the Proposed Plan Change 9 page

March 2016

  • Feedback on the draft plan change was carried out between August and 1 December 2015 and has now closed
  • Thank you to the 172 people and organisations who provided written feedback and the hundreds that attended community, stakeholder meetings and the hui  with iwi
  • All your feedback will be taken into account as we revise the draft and prepare to notify the plan change later this year
  • Since feedback closed we’ve analysed feedback, reported to our Councillors at a Committee meeting and held a workshop with them, and with the Regional Water Advisory Panel
  • A report and analysis of implications for Maori is being prepared for Komiti Maori meeting on 14 April
  • Staff are currently gathering more information to enable Councillors to make an informed choice about key topics (metering and reporting, change to permitted activity volumes, municipal takes, unauthorised takes, interim limits)

Feedback summary report (222kb) 

Key information

The first stage in improving water allocation and use

Find out about the process we're taking to improve water allocation and use in the Bay of Plenty and the timeframes for the project.

Factsheet 1 - The first stage in improving water allocation and use (1.2MB, pdf)

You can also visit the webpage

How can we improve water allocation and use?

Find out what our key issues are and what we want your feedback on.

Factsheet 2 - How can we improve water allocation and use? (1.7MB, pdf)

You can also visit the webpage

Implications for Maori

Factsheet - Implications for Maori (789KB, pdf) 

Other important information

The following documents show what our current thinking is in relation to the existing Regional Water and Land Plan 

Draft Water Quantity Plan Change (marked up version) (450KB, doc)

Draft Water Quantity Plan Change (clear copy) (420KB, doc) 

Background information

Water Sustainability Strategy  
Assessing unconsented or permitted water use
in the Bay of Plenty Region 2015 (Aqualinc)
1.11MB, pdf 
First in first served allocation 2007 (Enfocus)  123KB, pdf
NERMN Groundwater Monitoring Report
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

6.87MB, pdf
6.97MB, pdf
6.95MB, pdf
1.98MB, pdf
Review of Chapter 5 - Regional Water and Land Plan
Water Quantity and Allocation and section 9.6
Take and use of water rules 38 to 43 (Opus International Consultations)
 2MB, pdf
Reasonable Stock Water Requirements Guidelines (Horizons)  546KB, pdf
Water Allocation Status Report to Operations Monitoring and
Reporting Committee - June 2013

444KB, pdf 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions raised at Water Quantity Plan Change meetings will be added to a Frequently Asked Question page. Further questions and answers will be added to this page during the feedback period.


The Feedback period has now closed and is being used by staff to prepare the draft plan change, which will be publically notified next year.