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Current notified applications

The Astrolabe Community Trust: Resource Consent Number 67891

For all information on this resource consent application please go to


Whakatane District Council: Resource Consent Number 67951

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) and Whakatane District Council (WDC) have received the following applications for resource consent.

Applicant: Whakatane District Council

Application Reference Numbers: BOPRC number 67951 and WDC number LL-2014-8261-00.

Basic description of the proposal: Whakatane District Council has submitted resource consent applications related to the establishment and operation of a green waste processing facility at 65C and 65D Keepa Road in Whakatane.  The facility will store and process green waste to produce compost.  The applicant seeks to process up to 10,000 tonnes of green waste per year at the facility.

Activities requiring resource consent from BOPRC:

a) Carry out up to 7,000 cubic metres of earthworks associated with the establishment of a gravel access road, flood protection bund and sediment pond.

b) The temporary discharge of sediment contaminated stormwater to land where it may enter water, as a result of the earthworks activity.

c) Damming and diverting of stormwater associated with the establishment and operation of the green waste processing facility.

d) Discharge of contaminants to air (dust, odour) from the establishment and operation of the green was processing facility.

e) Discharge of contaminants (leachate, dust suppressant) to land in circumstances where the contaminant may enter groundwater as well as surface water in nearby open drains.

Activities requiring resource consent from WDC:

a) Land use resource consent to establish and operate a green waste processing facility.

Location: The proposed green waste processing facililty will be located at 65C and 65D Keepa Road, Whakatane.  Part of the site is designated (d34) for wastewater treatment purposes.

Viewing the resource consent applications:

The resource consent applications can be viewed during normal office hours at either Bay of Plenty Regional Council, 5 Quay Street, Whakatane or at Whakatane District Council, Commerce Street, Whakatane.

A CD of the application documents can be requested from a Water Administration Officer at Bay of Plenty Regional Council, phone 0800 884 880.

Submissions close at 5.00 pm on Tuesday, 2 September 2014.

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