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Current notified applications

The Astrolabe Community Trust: Resource Consent Number 67891

For all information on this resource consent application please go to


Whakatane District Council: Resource Consent Number 67994 (BOPRC) and LL-2014-8279-00 (WDC)

Whakatane District Council has applied for resource consent to authorise the retention and maintenance of the existing 85 metre long western spit rock wall as a structure within the Coastal Marine Area.  Maintenance includes reconstruction following storm and flood events, which may require the construction of a temporary access causeway across the beach to gain access to the wall.  The application also includes excavation of the Opihi Spit to maintain a lowered area of sand (the floodway or spitfuse) to assist in the release of floodwaters through the river entrance. 

The proposal includes earthworks in the erosion hazard zone located above mean high water spring, associated with maintenance and reconstruction works and the vehicle/machineryaccess track and staging area.


The site is located at the end of the Piripai Spit on the western side of the Whakatane River, the legal description of the site is: Crown Land (Coastal Marine Area), Lot 1 DPS 19874 Block II Whakatane SD - Wildlife Management Reserve and Lot 2 DP 32234, and the site is located at or about map reference NZTM 1952368, 5792889.

Activities Requiring Consent from BOPRC:

i. Disturb Indigenous Vegetation and Undertake Earthworks in the Erosion Hazard Zone Associated with the Formation and Maintenance of a Floodway on Opihi Spit,

ii. Use Machinery to Maintain and Reconstruct the Western Spit Wall,

iii. Disturb and Deposit Material on, the Foreshore and Seabed,

iv. The Occupation of Space within the Coastal Marine Area through the Existence of the Spit Wall

Activities Requiring Consent from WDC:

i. Create Stockpiles of Sand or Rock on the Opihi Spit,

ii. Modify Natural Landforms within an area with Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes,

iii. Modify Natural Landforms within an Indigenous Biodiversity Site.

Viewing the Application:

The applications to both Councils (including their assessments of environmental effects) can be viewed during normal office hours at either the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, 5 Quay Street Whakatane, or at Whakatane District Council, Commerce Street, Whakatane. 

A CD copy can be requested from the Regulatory Administration Team of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, phone 0800 884 880.

Submissions on these resource consent applications have now closed.

Advert Notification (73KB)

Resource Consent Application (25MB)

Appendix 1 (5.8MB)

Appendix 2 (1.5MB)

Appendix 3 (2MB)

Appendix 4 (7.2MB)

Appendix 5 (2MB)


Bay of Plenty Regional Council: Resource Consent Number 68114 (BOPRC) and Notice of Requirement 5080(L) (WBOPDC)

Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) has received the following application for resource consent and the Western Bay of Plenty District Council (WBOPDC) has received the following Notice of Requirement.

Applicant: Bay of Plenty Regional Council - Environmental Delivery Group

Application Reference Numbers: BOPRC Number 68114 and WBOPDC Number 5080(L)

Basic Description of the Proposal: As part of the wide Kaituna River Re-Diversion and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary Enhancement Project (BOPRC Number 67958 and WBOPDC Number 4944), this proposal is to establish, operate and maintain a public boat ramp and associated facilities and structures within the Coastal Marine Area and Harbour Margin at an alternative location to that originally proposed and previously publicly notified as part of the wider Project.

Activities Requiring Resource Consent from BOPRC:

Multiple resource consents are required from BOPRC under its Regional Water and Land Plan and operative Regional Coastal Environment Plan.  These consents relate to the following activities:

  • Land disturbance (earthworks) activities due to their volume and proximity to the Harbour Margin;
  • Temporary discharges of sediment to the Coastal Marine Area during construction; and
  • The placement of boat ramp, jetty and log deflector structures within, and the associated disturbance of, the Coastal Marine Area

WBOPDC Notice of Requirement

A Notice of Requirement for the designation of land for the construction, operation and maintenance of public boating facilities that form part of the Kaituna River Re-diversion and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary Enhancement Project.

The Notice of Requirement relates to approximately 0.5325 hectares of land located at number 83 Ford Road, Maketu and the adjacent road reserve, required on a permanent basis.


Number 83 Ford Road, the adjoining (Ford Road) road reserve and Coastal Marine Area, Maketu.

Viewing of Resource Consent Application documents

The Resource Consent application and Notice of Requirement (including their assessments of environmental effects) can be viewed during normal office hours at either Bay of Plenty Regional Council, 5 Quay Street, Whakatane, or at Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Te Puke Library & Service Centre, 130 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke. 

A CD of the application documents can be requested from a Regulatory Administration Officer at Bay of Plenty Regional Council, phone 0800 884 880.  The application documents can also be downloaded below.

The submissions period for this Consent and Notice of Requirement has now closed.

Advert notification (pdf, 101KB)

Submission form (pdf, 58KB)

Application documents:

Application cover page (pdf, 43KB)

Application form (pdf, 5MB)

Appendix 1: Plan Schedules (pdf, 1.3MB)

Appendix 2: Relevant Objectives & Policies (pdf, 135KB)

Appendix 3: Proposed Conditions (pdf, 81 KB)

Appendix 4: Drawings (pdf, 2.7MB) 

The hearing for this Consent and Notice of Requirement has been scheduled for 4-8 May 2015 at Corbett Marae, Ford Rd, Maketu.

Hearing Agenda: