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Pollution prevention and compliance

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has a responsibility under the Resource Management Act to control the discharge (or disposal) of solids, liquids or gases to the environment. This is done through policies and rules in regional plans, and by considering applications for resource consent to dispose of waste.


For pollution reporting, call our 24-7 Pollution Hotline on 0800 884 883.

It is helpful to have a clear description of the location, and the event or type of contamination taking place. If possible any descriptions such as vehicles, company logos or names can help us follow up reports more efficiently. It is always best to contact us when a possible pollution event is happening.

Air pollution                                                          

Find out about Bay of Plenty Regional Council's role in preventing air pollution in the region. 

Use this link for more information on Rotorua Air Quality.

Water pollution   

Find out more about the 'Don't Paint the Drain' campaign to keep waste paint out of our rivers and lakes.

Water Pollution                        Don't paint the drain image                                            

Pollution prevention plan

Find out about the Pollution Prevention Plan Template to help commercial and industrial sites.

Consent compliance

Find out more about how we can help you comply with your resource consent.

Read the latest Compliance Reports issued from our team.

Contaminated sites                                                                            

Find out about contaminated sites in the Bay of Plenty that we are working to clean up, including the Kopeopeo Canal Remediation project and the Omokoroa Boatyard project. Find out more about registration of kiwifruit orchards on the HAIL register.

Waste and Recycling

Find out all you need to know about waste and recycling in our region.

Oil Spill Response Plan Tier II

Find out how we manage oil spills in our region.