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Natural Hazards - Living with Risk

Depending on how you look at it the Bay of Plenty is an exciting place to live! Our region is subject to a number of natural events: (Click on the pictures below to find out more about these events)

  • Volcanic activity
  • Earthquakes
  • Coastal processes
  • Extreme rainfall
  • Tsunami
  • Landslides

These natural events may produce natural hazards which can adversely affect human life, property or other aspects of the environment.

Regional Council has a responsiblity to control the use of land to avoid or mitigate the effects of natural hazards. The Regional Council has initiated a Natural Hazards Programme in partnership with all other councils in the region, as well as Civil Defence Emergency Management, to identify natural hazards and reduce the risk.

See more information on current research, Bay of Plenty Civil Defence and the latest natural hazard management news.

Flooding Coastal processes Volcanic activity
Earthquakes tsunami Landslides