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Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Where no council sewerage pipeline exists, such as in many rural communities, wastewater is generally treated with septic tank systems. However in some situations, like those described in this section, you may choose (or be required) to install an advanced wastewater treatment system, rather than use a traditional conventional septic tank system with a soakhole or soakage trenches. This is to prevent degrading water quality of nearby water bodies.

Dealing with your wastewater - A guide to the On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan 2006 (542KB, pdf)

Choosing an Advanced Wastewater Treatment System

What is an advanced wastewater treatment system?

These are systems that are similar to septic tank systems as they provide 'on-site' treatment. However they treat wastewater to a much higher standard. They involve pre-treatment and secondary treatment involving aerobic biological processes. Some may also include tertiary treatment such as ultra-violet light.

What is happening in the Rotorua Lakes catchments?

Concerns about water quality in the Rotorua lakes means that there is a higher performance standard required for wastewater systems installed in the Rotorua Lakes' catchments. Bay of Plenty Regional Council, in conjunction with Environment Waikato and Rotorua District Council are carrying out trials in Rotorua of advanced wastewater treatment systems, in order to measure how various systems perform.

The following advanced wastewater treatment systems are approved for new installations throughout the Bay of Plenty region, including the Rotorua lake catchments. Performance certificates can be viewed here: WaterNZ website. Detailed performance reports may also be available from the manufacturer.



Hynds Advanced Lifestyle

Hynds Environmental

Innoflow AdvanTex AX20

Innoflow Technologies

Oasis Clearwater S 2000

Oasis Clearwater Environmental

Waipapa Tanks Econo-Treat VBB C-2200-2

Waipapa Tanks and Waste Treatment

Note that for new systems in Rotorua to be installed as a 'permitted activity' they must also meet the requirements of rule 13 and schedule 2 of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan.


If you are unsure if you are in one of the Rotorua Lakes catchments select 'Map 4' of the On-site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan.

Yes, I am in a Rotorua Lake catchment

No, I am elsewhere in the Bay of Plenty

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