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Geothermal Resource

The Rotorua geothermal resource includes all the unique surface outflow features of the Rotorua geothermal field such as sinter cones, mud pools, geysers, springs, and hot pools but it also includes the geothermal reservoirs underground.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has the responsibility for managing the use of all geothermal fluid in the Bay of Plenty region under the Resource Management Act 1991, using the Regional Policy Statement and Regional Plans. The Regional Council also undertakes monitoring and investigations to ensure that the geothermal systems are being managed appropriately and sustainably.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Features in the Bay of Plenty

Geothermal surface features provide a tangible example of the amazing processes occurring underneath our feet. Surface features include geysers, mud pools, or hot ground. We are very fortunate in the Bay of Plenty that we have so many surface features, and so many types of surface features - they are an increasingly rare occurrence all over the world. Because surface features are so rare, it is important we enjoy them and protect them for the future.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council recently prepared Guidelines for Mapping and Monitoring Surface Features (464 KB, pdf) with the assistance of geothermal surface feature experts throughout New Zealand. 

This sets out a methodology we hope will become the standardised way of mapping and monitoring for surface features throughout New Zealand. 

Download a field sheet Geothermal Feature Survey Form (27.8KB, pdf) from the mapping and monitoring guidelines.

If you would like the electronic database, please contact us on the details below.

Great Geothermal Surface Features to Visit: