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Case study - Onekawa Te Mawhai

Onekawa Te Mawhai

The Onekawa Te Mawhai Regional Park, on the spectacular headland between the Ohiwa Harbour and Bryans Beach, was opened by the Upokorehe hapu and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council in 2010. The 26.8 hectare property is valued for its rich Maori cultural history, significant archaeological features, many of which are clearly visible in the landscape, and views to Kohi Point in the west, across the Ohiwa Harbour, and east to towards East Cape.Onekawa

The site is particularly significant historically and spiritually to Upokorehe and is managed jointly by Upokorehe and the Regional Council.

A walking track through the park links Bryans Beach with the bush clad Ohiwa Domain and the Ohiwa Harbour. A loop walk via the Ohiwa spit and the beach completes the circuit. This is a very special walk on a sunny day. The Regional Council is also planning further enhancements of the property. Community planting days are held each winter to slowly rplace the gorse with native bush.

The property can be accessed on the western side from the walking track in the Ohiwa Domain. This track leads from the car park on Ohiwa Harbour Road.  On the eastern side, access is from the small carpark at the entrance to the property on Bryan Road at the end of Bryan's Beach.