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Case study - Nukuhou saltmarsh and Ohiwa care groups

Nukuhou saltmarsh and Ohiwa care groups

Ohiwa Reserves Care Group

The Ohiwa Reserves Care Group has looked after Whangakopikopiko (Tern) Island and the Ohiwa Domain for several years. The Island is an important breeding place for rare birds such as the white fronted tern and Northern NZ dotterel. There is extensive predator control on the Island and predators, including stoats and rats, are controlled through trapping. The Group also carries out trapping in the Domain.

Students from Waiotahe School are also regular helpers on the Island. They have planted native plants, including the rare 'Thornton' kanuka, which is native to the Island.

Care Group helps whitebait and birds

OhiwaSaltMarschCGThe Nukuhou Saltmarsh Care Group at Cheddar Valley has actively cared for the saltmarsh and the nearby river mouth since 2003.

Fernbird and banded rail numbers have increased dramatically as a result of the Group's predator-trapping activity. During the last seven years, the Group has trapped 167 stoats and 88 weasels around the margins of the saltmarsh and fernbird numbers have more than doubled as a result.

The Group recently dug swales, or ditches, beside the Nukuhou River near the 'S' bend at Cheddar Valley, to provide a spawning area for whitebait.

The team has also built a riverside walkway, constructed an interpretation point and a board walk into the marsh and planted hundreds of native plants through the area. 

The next project is to carry out pest control on Uretara Island in conjunction with DOC and local iwi.

Download the Nukuhou Saltmarsh Care Group brochure (3 MB, pdf).