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Case study - Great farm management improves Ohiwa Harbour

Nukuhou farmer improves water quality in the Nukuhou River and Ohiwa Harbour 

Noticing deteriorating water quality in local streams, Nukuhou farmer Norm Craig contacted Bay of Plenty Regional Council for help in 1995. This began a co-operative relationship that has led to retiring of 10 kilometres of stream edges from cattle grazing and replanting it to filter farm run-off and reduce stream-bank erosion. As a result, multiple wetlands for silt capture and beautification were created.

Water quality in the Nukuhou River and Ohiwa Harbour is slowly improving, showing that the efforts of people like Norm Craig are paying off. Mr Craig remains committed to the 'cleaner and greener' approach. He says: "It's so much more satisfying if the work is aesthetically pleasing. It's all about quality of life - fresh air, nice places around you that give you enjoyment, being proud of what you've done and sharing it with others."


Nukuhou farmer Norm Craig found that environmental improvements on his dairy farm have made it a much more pleasant place to be.