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2010 Rotorua Air Control Quality Bylaws Campaign

The Rotorua Air Quality Control Bylaw may affect how you can heat your home.  There are three new rules:

  1. 1. New Burner Rule - After 1 December 2010 only approved wood burners and pellet fires can be installed in the Rotorua airshed
  2. 2. Point of Sale Rule - From 1 May 2012 properties in the Rotorua airshed cannot be sold with non-complying solid fuel burners
  3. 3. Open Fire Rule - From 1 May 2015 indoor open fires cannot be used.

Bylaw Important Information Brochure >>


2010 Dry Wood Campaign 


Rotorua has the worst air quality in the North Island caused mainly by domestic fires. Fires that are made using wet or green wood create more air pollution.

Firewood can take 6-12 months to dry so get your wood early. Stack your wood properly to ensure that air can flow through the pile to dry the wood. Also make sure your wood is off the ground and covered to protect it from the elements.

Only burn dry wood brochure >>




2009 Winter Campaign - Choose Clean Heat, Protect our Lungs



Polluted air makes us sick, especially young children, the elderly and anyone who has an existing respiratory condition like asthma.

Rotorua has the worst air quality in the North Island, mainly caused by domestic fires, and Bay of Plenty Regional Council is implementing a plan to clean it up.

  Choose clean home heating brochure >>