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Major Projects

Flood Risk and River Scheme sustainability

In addition to on-going management of flood risks in the region, we are also looking at the long-term risks of flooding hazards, including reviewing the current levels of flood protection provided by river schemes in the region, and establishing a region-wide Flood Risk Management Strategy. More information will be available soon.

Regional Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Infrastructure Fund has been established to promote sustainable regional economic development, and promote environmental protection and enhancement that supports sustainable regional economic development in the Bay of Plenty.

Rena response and recovery

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is managing the monitoring and future clean-up of any more oil spills from the CV Rena, which wrecked off the Tauranga coast in October 2011.

Community and environmental recovery is managed by the Ministry for the Environment.

Rotorua Lakes

Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Rotorua District Council and Te Arawa Lakes Trust are working intensively with the community to protect, and in some cases improve the water quality of the Rotorua Lakes. This joint project is called the Rotorua Lakes Protection and Restoration Action Programme.

Tauranga Harbour

Tauranga Harbour is a regional treasure. What happens on urban and rural land around the Harbour, from the headwaters of the catchment to the harbour edges, can affect the harbour. A programme has been set up to integrate and coordinate management of the harbour and its catchment. 

Water Management

The region has abundant water with high economic and amenity value. We have set up an integrated programme of work to respond to various drivers affecting Bay of Plenty's water resources and how they are managed. This includes some water resources nearing full allocation, new standards and regulations from central government, and the need to respond to and participate in co-management and co-governance arrangements arising out of Treaty of Waitangi settlements.

Regional Pest Management Plan

The Regional Pest Management Plan for 2011 -2016 is a critical tool in the war against pest animals and plants. Landowners and occupiers, agencies and our community all have a part to play in this fight.