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Public Participation Process

Council resolved at its meeting held on 16th September 2009 to amend Standing Orders for a public forum to be held at the beginning of its meetings.  If you would like to speak at a Council meeting, please refer to the process below:

1. A period of up to 15 minutes shall be set aside near the beginning of the meeting to enable members of the public to make statements about any matter on the agenda of that meeting which is open to the public, but excluding any matter on which comment could prejudice any specified statutory process the council is required to follow.

2. The time allowed for each speaker will normally be up to five minutes but will be up to the discretion of the chair.  A maximum of three public participants will be allowed per meeting.

3. No statements by public participants to the Council shall be allowed unless a written, electronic or oral application has been received by the Chief Executive (Governance Team) by 12pm of the working day prior to the meeting and the Chair's approval has subsequently been obtained. The application shall include the following:

  • name of participant;
  • organisation represented (if any);
  • meeting at which they wish to participate; and
  • matter on the agenda to be addressed.

4. Members of the meeting may put questions to any public participants, relevant to the matter being raised through the chair. Any questions must be asked and answered within the time period given to a public participant. The chair shall determine the number of questions.

5. Where a member of the public has specialist knowledge of a matter on the agenda The Chair may invite public participants to engage in discussion of that matter at the time of consideration of the agenda item by the Committee or subcommittee.

For more information on the Public Participation Process, please contact us on the details below.