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About Us

Who We Are

Back in 1989, the Government took 25 organisations and turned them into the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. As caretakers of our land, air and water, Bay of Plenty Regional Council monitors the effects of human activities on our environment. We also promote the sustainable management of our natural and physical resources for present and future generations.

What We Do

Bay of Plenty Regional Council's work guides and supports the sustainable development of the Bay of Plenty. We want to make sure our region grows and develops in a way that keeps its values safe for future generations.

A major focus of our work involves looking after the environment. We manage the effects of people's use of freshwater, land, air and coastal water. However, we also have a broader responsibility with others for the economic, social and cultural well-being of the regional community.

Our other work includes:

  • Managing the risks posed by our major rivers including the region's major flood control schemes.
  • Planning and prioritising the region's land transport needs, including major roading improvements.
  • Organising passenger transport services, including Tauranga's Bay Hopper and Rotorua's Cityride.
  • Navigation and safety on our harbours and lakes.
  • Supporting sustainable economic development.
  • Strategic thinking for our region's future.

Guide to Regional Council

A guide to our regional council is produced every three years following the local government election. This is also known as our local governance statement.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Guide 2014 (pdf, 1.19 MB).

Working with Other Councils

We jointly work with the city/district councils in the Bay of Plenty in many areas. An agreement on how we will work together is developed every three years following the local government election. This is known as the Triennial Agreement.

2013-2016 Triennial Agreement (pdf, 668 KB)

Official Information Requests (LGOIMA)

To find out more or to make a request, please visit this page.